Preparation for AP Italian in San Diego

Take AP Italian during High School for College credit

Several High Schools in San Diego give the students the possibility of taking AP exams, generally once a year in May.

One of the offerings of CollegeBoard is:

Students can ask their counselor to take the AP Italian test anytime between grade 9th and grade 12th, even if the High School doesn’t offer an AP Italian class.

Most Colleges give credits for AP tests, for example University of California grants 8 quarters for AP Italian passed with a score of 3 or higher.

Italian school of San Diego students which have reached year 4 of the accredited classes will have a wide knowledge of Italian that will allow them to take the exam with confidence.

It is important to stress that it is the cumulative instructions from the 4 levels of Italian classes that prepare the students for the AP test, many topics useful for the AP test are covered in Italian 1-2, Italian 3-4 and Italian 5-6.