Our school

At 4550 Kearny Villa Rd

We acquired a new 1500 square feet space in January 2024, it is located at 4550 Kearny Villa Rd Suite 202, it is composed of:


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Instruction on how to access

When you enter the parking lot, find a parking spot just after the first corner of the building, you should see building 4550 (Not 4540), we are at the second floor in suite 202, look for the Italian school logo at the window. Notice there is 1-way circulation around the building, i.e. you cannot exit the way you entered but need to go all around the buildings.

Organize your events at Italian school

We are interested in partnerships with other schools, other businesses or individuals to organize classes, meetings, parties in our space, please contact us!. We can provide a music system, microphone, projector, very fast wifi and more.