New online classes for children starting in October

Sun, Sep 26, 2021

Zoom based for 2nd-3rd graders and 4th-5th graders

We are glad to announce that we have 2 new Zoom-based classes starting in October.

2nd-3rd grade class

The program is focused on the development of verbal communication, listening and understanding of the Italian language enriched by the study of grammar and history.

4th-5th grade class

The class will focus on the study of grammar, history or geography and fiction. Particular attention will be paid to oral exposition and comprehension of the written text through the use of Italian textbooks and videos shared in class.

Enrollment and tuition

Please fill the non-binding pre-enrollment form specifying the italian level of your kid, we will then email you back to discuss if our class is suitable for them.

The tuition of these online 1.5-hour classes once a week is $800 for 8 months of instruction.