Italian classes accredited for San Diego Unified and San Dieguito High Schools

Sun, Aug 20, 2023

by the Italian school of San Diego

Italian school of San Diego is glad to offer our class “Italian as a Foreign Language 1-2” for the 2023-2024 academic year.

It is a class completely online via Zoom based on 2 hours per week of instructions and 2 hours per week for homework, and also includes occasional in-person meeting to allow the students to socialize.

The class doesn’t require any previous experience with Italian (see information for kids that already know Italian)

The program is accredited both with San Diego Unified and San Dieguito districts, so that 2 years of Italian satisfy the High School graduation language requirement and also satisfy College admission requirements. Italian can be taken together or as a replacement for Spanish. Students can start taking one (or two) years of Italian in Middle School so that once they enroll in High School they can just take one year of Italian and get credit for two (or three) years of language instruction.

Learn more about the program) or click the button below to check tuition cost and submit non-binding pre-enrollment:

We will decide the schedule of the class to try satisfy the needs of all students.